By | May 4, 2022

Back when times were much simpler, indie rockers Camens were sneaking into festivals and performing pop-up gigs wherever they could. Now, two years later, they’re back with their latest single ‘Poltergeist’. 

The Stoke-on-Trent outfit are leaving behind the button bright indie-pop of their formative years in favour of something altogether darker, more mature and certainly more frenetic.

As a result, ‘Poltergeist’ is a razor-sharp indie rock number suggests the gap between releases hasn’t been spent in vain. Following up on 2020’s ‘Leave Me In Pieces, the band are shifting in a new direction with their own brand of idiosyncratic indie. 

Camens are re-emerging amongst the new breed of North-West guitar bands with massive promise. From supporting The Sherlocks, King No-One and The Snuts to name a few, the four-piece are looking to make 2022 a serious year; there’s plenty to do and a string of releases is long overdue. 

Since Camens’ last single in 2020, things have been pretty quiet. Now that bands can look ahead into the future, this one in particular is looking to build on and hone the sound that has turned so many heads and ‘Poltergeist’ is that track.

  • Love the melodies and riffs
  • Catchy chorus and overal upbeat
  • Missing a spark to push them to the next level

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